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Rare Groove

"An anatomical wonder with one foot in the past, the other in the present and a heart in Detroit, London-based NLA's eclectic mix of Tamla-infused neo-soul makes you hit that replay button to the point of breaking. Effortlessly applying a contemporary spin to the sounds of yesteryear, the producer's upcoming EP, "My city", showcases the best and brightest of this emerging talent. Incorporating the use of live multi-layered instrumentation into his live shows, the hardwood dance floors of venues in and around the London area have seen little respite from the infectious stylings of N.L.A's modern slice of nostalgia. Tipped for greatness, it's time to dust off those dancing shoes and catch him on tour this summer."

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Northern Love Affair is a London based songwriter, producer and session musician. With an experienced skill set on industry standard softwares, N.L.A can help you create the desired sound you're looking for. Whether you're a singer/musician looking for a recorning engineer or a producer in need of some live instrumentation, Northern Love can provide a professional and reliable service.

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